Student Life Event Item Request

  • Requester Information

    The person that is requesting event items will become the contact and responsible party for all items. These items may only be requested by UF Division of Student Life employees (including full time and graduate assistants).
  • Event Details

  • Let us know what your event is about. Who is the intended audience? Any alumni, staff or faculty VIPs in attendance?
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  • Please note that because of the uncertain nature of Florida's weather we are not loaning out any items that will be used for an outdoor function. Some exceptions will be made on a very limited basis.
  • Event Items Requested

    Choose all the items that you would like to request.
  • Pick-Up Information

    Depending on the time of the year items are able to be checked out approximately 24-48 hours in advance. Arrangements will be made once the items are confirmed. The requestor or fellow professional staff designee must be the one to pick up the items.
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  • Terms and Conditions

    Please review the terms and conditions associated with these items. You must agree to all terms and conditions in order to fully request any event items.
  • I understand that if any damage is caused by my hosting group or event attendees that my department is responsible to cover any and all costs associated with repair or replacement of rented items.
  • In the event that any of the requested items need to be redirected toward a different event, I understand that for any reason my event item rental request may be modified or canceled.
  • I understand that I am expected to return all items by the end of the next business day immediately following the event. Additionally, I understand that if my event takes place on a weekend I might be responsible for returning the items on a weekend or maintaining the items to the following week.